Patients and providers need mighty empowerment; powerful, scalable, resilient, durable solution thinking; but not a technology, app, or algorithm; and built for patient delight with the AI brain of a doctor

Our proven data collector and AI knowledge ecosystem stores real-time information and learns to optimized for care@home. It empowers mobile apps using the latest in ML (machine learning), AI, voice, and AR (augmented reality). Focus groups show this will drive sticky usage and automate data capture without requiring new FTEs. This technology powers operational and business models for innovative practices. We call these models a network, but they function as a guild. This solution newly monetizes referrals and consults. Its automation is purpose-built to collect patient data, to report, and to manage care@home. It is free to network physicians who share their data.



Constant, reliable, 24/7 communications always available. Press one button / says one word and help comes.


Accenture calls it "hyper personalized". Built with the attitude that “nothing happens without me”.

Invisible Technology

Like an assistant in the background – just ask if you need help. No learning curve. If you can speak, you know how to use it.

Smartphone Rules

Build with the primary, do-everything, from mobile - not an add-on. You already have what we optimize in your hand.

Data Democratization

Built for the 21st Century Cures Act - we will surrogate your data - but don't need it. We are a CE for data at home.

Same Knowledge

Everyone on the team shares and collaborates over the same data. You can engage at any time.

Attracting Ecosystem and Network

Blue Ocean: Health IT has abandoned those under care. Clinical-side solutions fail. They are built upon portal-thinking not true leverage of technology or AI. Patient-side solutions are paid for by others with an agenda, waving a flag that “consumerism fixes all”. There is little synchronization with the actual clinical plan to get the patient well. These worlds are colliding. Doctors must show improved care data to get paid. Patients demand technology enablement. Nobody is bringing everything together.

The 167 Rule: The opportunity is immense and touches every specialty. Two things make it work: getting the data and using it to drive actions. A patient might touch the clinic one hour a week for chemo – but is making care decisions in the 167 hours all the rest of the week. This happens at home, in the car, at work, or at family events.

Needed Right Now: No clinician has full access or sees this data today. No clinician is getting meaningful home data from present methods which are a 20-minute phone questionnaire with a nurse.

Why Can't Healthcare Do This: Yet today my watch can record my oxygen level, open the garage door, and and pay my waiter - from half way around the world. Finally healthcare can - working with OneMighty.Network you can do this and more.

The “Wellie”

For those patients who want to share their story, like a diary, and support CrowdCare™, we offer a feature called the “wellie” (instead of the selfie). Patients tell their story as frequently as they wish through captured videos or photos. We are able to do AI trending analysis on various aspects of image changes to understand their progression toward cure / treatment. The information gathered both forecasts possible need for intervention and creates a wider prediction base.


We make the AI / voice user experience associated with a human-like character. The morph is the fullness of the UI/UX of the patient, with the ability to ask almost anything. The experience is personalized to the specific user, presenting gender specific as either an andromorph or gynomorph and presenting ethnic appropriate morphs. It can be summoned at any time and fully understands user context.


Patients often want a partner – a “swim buddy” – to go through care, often a disease survivor wanting to volunteer / give back. Today, patients are often presented with list upon list of options – necessitating tons of phone calls while already adjusting to lifestyle change. We provide a framework and tools to volunteer organizations. The patient just has one-press to find a buddy.


AR drives like GPS in the patient’s environment, personalized to the consumer’s own space. In new spaces, the consumer can also feel comforted with a familiar guide who they trust for help. As an example, a loving, familiar guide takes a new patient on the trip to receive chemo at an infusion center or a biopsy procedure.

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Earn on Existing Data

OneMighty.Company provides immediate new sources of revenue for clinicians and significant reduction to both hard and soft costs to the practice. We believe as more practices awaken to the giant potential of harvesting data, more lives will be saved, and physicians can spend less time on administration and return to their true love of practicing medicine.