Our leader has changed the world in healthcare, security, artificial intelligence, and networking and he will get this mighty work done too.

Andy Liwen

My name is Andy Liwen. I am the founder of DataOne.Health and a world renown solutions architect who has created massively scaled successes in very complex problems. I have accomplishments in AI, including its use by the intelligence community in threat finding; by DoD in real-time, battlefield target nomination; and in founding AT&T’s AI research lab in partnership with MIT. During COVID lock down, I was invited to work with many leading experts in the care-space cancer@home. I decided instead of aligning now with huge players like AZ, McKesson or United/Blues, I will bring something to market myself.

Using my experience in huge system transformation, I invented how to obtain patient data from their home by creating and sustaining their immense delight with our personalized tool. This enables me to give you real-time data, “fluent” collaboration for the whole team, and true “delight” level patient engagement. You can reap these benefits without needing one more FTE. You might have deep access to your patients for 10 minutes in clinic, but I have their trust and sticky attention to engage non-stop – a 1000x advantage. This is a $7B US market for which I have assembled a team but right now I need a right-sized, innovative clinical partner for the next step. The cancer@home proved huge is too slow – I plan to save people right now!

A Bit More of My Formal Bio

Andy Liwen is a remarkable visionary business executive and technology thought leader with the ability to create transformational solutions that solve real problems in both public and private sector markets. He possesses a deep ownership of technology applied to operations & business and is often present solving seeming intractable problems. He brings industry experience that includes notables Cisco, Accenture, AT&T Research Labs, and GE and government organizations that include: DOD, DHS, NSA, CIA, DOE, DOS, DIA and state & local governments. He is an inspiring executive with experience assembling and nurturing talented teams. He is currently committed to impacting US healthcare.

Mr. Liwen has launched DataOne.Health, a healthcare solutions firm that deploys innovative technology patterned from the intelligence community to access dark health data and serves customers by getting the right information to the right people at the right place & time to make the best decisions for both patient and provider.

He returned to Austin after completing an assignment in Washington, DC with Cisco Systems where he was recruited to launch its market-adjacent services offering to public sector clients. He led several transformational healthcare projects including a turn around of a disadvantaged city in western Massachusetts where a new healthcare model was a key success factor. He was also active in leading projects in Raleigh and the state of NC in public / private initiatives including both Duke Med and others. He brought leadership to other healthcare IT business transforming projects with John Hopkins, HCA and Harvard Med.

Before that he was recruited from Austin to revitalize Accenture’s Washington, DC security practice and progressed to lead public sector business development as the infrastructure pursuit lead. Mr. Liwen organized and led simultaneously multiple cross-functional deal teams of 200+ professionals charged with developing business architecture and solutions for $1+B public sector deals. His teams developed delivery strategies, negotiated contracts, and created transition / transformation teams. During this time, he was instrumental in shaping transformation of Tricare, VA, Military Health Services (DoD battlefield care and Bethesda & Walter Reed hospitals), American Red Cross and DHS/FEMA.

Before these assignments, Mr. Liwen was a founder and served as CTO in the Austin startup community. He progressed from serving as a principal researcher in high performance computing and networking at AT&T labs, where he was recruited to form the AI lab & high-speed neural net filtering center and helped build liaison to MIT Media Lab. He was also in Washington, DC for many years and active in the intelligence community where he applied his security and cryptography expertise.

A Bit of Fun

I was measured at 168 IQ. I love to tell people 168 is the same as the Zodiac Killer so take what cautions you feel appropriate – You Were Warned. I am an avid public speaker and love Toastmasters International. I was previously a competitive Backgammon player and Duplicate Bridge. For fun I am teaching myself the Russian language.