Our “Why” is driven by those who have had cancer or long, challenging chronic diseases. Below are the real stories just with different identities. Building a great company will help them and their doctors.

I believe in OneMighty.App because of the support it provides patients with chronic conditions.  My life has been greatly impacted by a BRCA gene mutation, for which continual surveillance and surgical interventions have helped to preserve me and my family.  Complex care situations are both scary and confusing for patients – having a “best friend” like OneMighty.App to navigate the journey is priceless.  Patients need this support to ease their fears after diagnosis, as well as during the breast reconstruction process to decide which procedure is the right one.  I want to give this gift to future generations of women yet to be diagnosed—to make their burden infinitely lighter than those who walked the path before them.

Jenny – Pseudonym

BRCA Gene and Cancer

My illness left me with virtually zero IGa in my immune system, degenerative bone disorder, MRSA, and other ailments. When I went to a new doctor, I had to carry two three-inch binders with my medical records. Due to immune deficiency, I contracted many severe infections which required isolation from others—preventing infection and illness was literally a matter of life and death. Unfortunately, I did not survive my battle, but my legacy lives on through OneMighty.App, which gives companionship and comfort to other women afflicted with immune deficiency and medical isolation. Patients will never have to travel with medical record binders again!


Complex Immune Disorder

I had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl – Bonnie. A year later I developed a severe kidney disorder and while receiving treatment I was also diagnosed with multiple myeloma. That cancer diagnosis arrived literally on the same afternoon my sister-in-law passed away. I had to live through STEM cell transplantation, which caused immune deficiency and required isolation from others. I missed so many precious moments with my baby, and I desperately wished for a way to see her face and talk with her while in isolation. OneMighty.App provides patients with human connection and the means to manage their lives while undergoing complex treatment plans.  All future patients should have access to the life-changing help and support given by OneMighty.App.

Joelle – Pseudonym

Multiple Myeloma and Kidney Disease

My husband has a very complex case of diabetes. Every night I fall asleep wondering if he will be awake in the morning. He works hard and has a great spirit. But I am always concerned about him. Why can’t healthcare pull the family together better?

Betsie – Pseudonym

Diabetes in Family

I had so called “head and neck cancer” twenty years ago and I still need active surveillance today in the aftermath. I got through the surgeries and somehow coped with work. But I couldn’t imagine doing it alone. I guess it was bad enough and cost me a marriage. It seems like the social and emotional side of care for these complex diseases is lacking.

Vince – Pseudonym

Head and Neck Cancer

I had prostate cancer – the kind that you DO die from, not with. Even though I had done well in life, my wife decided she didn’t want to walk through it and she split just when the team was pretty sure I would die. Getting through the exams, procedures, and care – then getting ED really is demoralizing and hard for a man to keep up the fight against the cancer. Fortunately I am computer literate and investigated nutrition heavily. I am actually improved now and have even remarried. Boy, I could have used the help getting through.

Josh – Pseudonym

Prostate Cancer and ED