Our Mission and Promise

The time is upon us with a significant market need: e-navigation.

Post COVID 19 is now. A new-normal is defined. Its voice is patient’s voice, and that voice demands to be heard. If we act now, we can ride the sea change upon this tall wave. We miss new money and valuable opportunity if we do not. Patients demand to be better informed and be more involved in care choices of when, where, and how. They are and will postpone care until they become better informed at the level which they demand. They want to collaborate on care beyond telehealth visits. Prominence of the patient’s voice is well known, and many credible analysts have written on these market demands. Time is of the essence and we have the chance to create that future, together.

DataOne.Health and our partners are launching a service for better collaboration during care at home. With it comes deep and wide knowledge and effective responses – all indispensable to the patient and providers alike. An e-navigation app (OneMighty.App), an ecosystem (OneMighty.Cloud), on-premises devices (OneMightyEdge.Cloud) for rural care, and a business model (OneMighty.Network) will emerge, grow, and dominate – setting a course to a large market need. Patients will gain control in their care. Physicians will gain control outside the clinic and gain control of their time, shedding admin work. 3rd parties will arise and create on the ecosystem a set of apps.

We make these promises

  • Convenience: Use it your way like a personal health-GPS on your smartphone - voice, text, video, or images. In sync to your world, be it calendar, shopping, work, home.
  • Reliability: Consistent across provider and media. The team shares a common pool of data. Appointments when promised. Same no matter when, where or how.
  • Transparent: Full visibility into spot care choices and the end-to-end journey – clinical and lifestyle impacts. “What if” team clarity on “the plan” – risks and outcomes.
  • Access: Able to communicate fully, at any time. Always available – always can be escalated if situation demands. Clinical care team, family, friends, others you choose.
  • Proactive: “Always-Care” approach reminders and coaching. Group support – carrying beyond visit-to-visit. In GPS-like manner, choices at each turn in the road.
  • Trusted broker and market maker: For patients’ attention, heart, mind, and wallet, creating an advertising and communications ecosystem for 3rd party media.








Our Plan

What: Patient services, attracting sticky users, through a proprietary personalized “me first” consumerism experience, enabled by voice-driven AI digital avatar coaches, producing automated data collection and operational-learning anywhere outside the clinic, improving collaborative care management for patient and clinician.

How: Solution that is purpose-built for automation of care management for patients and providers. An ecosystem platform for data and knowledge sharing, with secure EHI storage and orchestration automation. In-home edge-cloud devices to support AI for complex, poorly-connected or rural health settings.

Lighthouse Mission: We are partnering with Austin-based practices, treating or referring patients with complex care. We are especially focused on cancer or complex care. We will only select innovative physicians who wish to co-develop, help launch the network, and employ the solutions.

Business Vision: After our lighthouse mission is attained, market penetration will begin. The solution will become indispensable for complex and chronic care, as the first and only fully automated consumer care e-navigation ecosystem throughout the US. It is where people will turn to have care on their terms; to gain a seat at the table; to feel empowered, dignity, and peace; and to know help is one button away.

High Impact Business Features

  • FREE for doctors who pool within the network the data collected at home.
  • New revenue: Uber-ized care at home, manage patients.
  • Greater partner share: Can cut administrative overhead, salaries, and costs by 30%.
  • Earn doing nothing: Monetize existing patient data by capturing result of care plan.
  • Drug Testing: One-button signup, 24/7 history, and full patient story. Pharma arbitraged / monetizable.
  • 24/7 Modeling: In-vivo data reduces hospitalizations, improves pre-auths, and powers professional services.
  • Messaging Slots: Opportunities for personalized videos, ads, reminders, and other “educational” material.
  • Ecosystem business platform: Not a single mobile app – a business platform.
  • Health data agent: Agent for 21st Century Cures Act patient health data, moving it to/from ecosystem/smartphone.
  • Trusted broker / market maker: Patients’ attention, heart, mind, and wallet, creating a communications ecosystem for 3rd party media.
  • Whole patient story: Harvesting non-clinic patient behavior gives network members a whole patient view with behavioral health.
  • Leading edge genomics: Front-end patient platform to expose 100% of patients to epigenomics, precision medicine and drug trials.
  • Crowdsourcing: Volunteers through 3rd parties and tools provides added, free resources for care.